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-Language of Joy and Pride-

  • Our forefathers first planted the seed of the rich Chinese culture and traditions in the small island of Singapore when they first arrived from China. It has since evolved and grown significantly over the years. We are a group of dedicated educators, committed to pass on a culture of over 6,000 years to the next generation.

Why Choose Han Hua Mandarin?

Our Vision

To pass on the rich traditions of the Chinese culture and to guide students of Han Hua Mandarin Centre to express themselves confidently in life.

Our Values

To help shape the values of every Han Hua Mandarin Centre student, to grow into a good person with a sound moral compass.

Our Philosophy

To guide Han Hua Mandarin Centre students in comprehending the world through the Chinese language  

7 Core Skills

1-Listening, 2-Speaking, 3-Reading, 4-Writing, 5-Inquiry, 6-Mind-mapping, and 7-Presentation.

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Why Are Parents Coming To Us?

When my daughter was 16 months old, my husband and I were looking for a Chinese Playgroup for her and came across Han Hua Mandarin Centre. We observed that the teachers at Han Hua Mandarin are highly specialized and have extensive teaching experience. Their enthusiasm makes the lessons enjoyable for both the child and the parent! Curriculum planning not only helps Gabrielle's attention, but it also allows her to focus for a longer period of time. My child has shown a strong interest and confidence in the Chinese language, and she can remember the words quickly.
website review豆豆
Gabrielle’s mum:
豆豆 Early Years
Kieffer had been having a great time at the Han Hua Mandarin Centre since he enrolled. He'd learned so much of the Chinese language that he could communicate with us at home. We were very impressed by Han Hua’s teaching philosophy, especially with regard to the 7 core skills. We realized Kieffer could draw and use mind-map skills after each lesson, and he could express himself fluently using the keywords input on the mind-maps. Since public speaking was one of the feature skills we were concerned about, Han Hua Mandarin has definitely satisfied us, and we would definitely recommend Han Hua to my friends for Chinese language education.
website review幼小-1
Kieffer’s parents:
幼小 Pre-school
There is a Chinese proverb that goes言传不如身教,身教不如境教. Thank you Han Hua Mandarin Centre, for being Jacob's effective educational environment. Teachers at Han Hua Mandarin have decades of teaching experience, and we as parents are very confident in their dedication to teaching. Jacob has made significant progress since enrolling in Han Hua's Primary School programme. He used to fail his Higher Chinese exams in school, but now he doesn't dislike the subject and finds it interesting to learn. The 7 Core Skills are extremely useful not only for academic success, but also for Jacob's presentation confidence.
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-20 at 12.34.32 AM
Jacob’s mum:
小学 Primary School

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