Nanyang Primary School

When I first joined Pan laoshi in primary 5, I was a borderline pass student for Chinese. At that time, my Chinese was so poor that I had to drop Higher Chinese in primary 4 and still struggled with Basic Chinese. Pan laoshi is a very capable and seasoned teacher, she really guided me in my learning of Chinese and helped me to improve. Pan laoshi’s teaching techniques are unlikely those used by my previous teachers and I found them very effective. At a short notice, Pan laoshi was able to turn my C5 into an A1 at PSLE. I am very grateful that I found her in my time of need and how she really allowed me to, through creating a passion for Chinese, achieve and excel in Chinese.

Mdm Lee

Kieffer had been having a great time at the Han Hua Mandarin Centre since he enrolled. He’d learned so much of the Chinese language that he could communicate with us at home. We were very impressed by Han Hua’s teaching philosophy, especially with regard to the 7 core skills. We realized Kieffer could draw and use mind-map skills after each lesson, and he could express himself fluently using the keywords input on the mind-maps. Since public speaking was one of the feature skills we were concerned about, Han Hua Mandarin has definitely satisfied us, and we would definitely recommend Han Hua to my friends for Chinese language education.

Bemish Manen

After attending Han Hua, my son told me the lesson made him feel motivated to do better. The 2 hr lesson felt like only 10 mins! While mine felt like it neverends.
He enjoys the lessons because his teacher teaches calmly and is always smiling.

Tin Leng Lau

Han Hua is an excellent school! My grandchild attended a trial lesson and was captivated by the interesting lessons and animated teaching. She immediately wanted to sign up for more classes, which was a surprise because she never took on to Mandarin till going to Han Hua Mandarin Centre!

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