Best Toa Payoh Chinese Classes Guide for Parents

Allow the Chinese education specialists at Han Hua Mandarin Centre in Singapore to help your child develop a love of Chinese language learning as early as 6 months old!

Han Hua Mandarin Centre (Toa Payoh Chinese Tuition), Singapore’s only Chinese enrichment centre specializing in the development of the 7 Core skills:

1 Listening 听 – understanding

To help your child get started, we will teach them how to listen and understand basic Chinese. Understanding the Chinese language and having it as your primary or secondary language is essential because it can benefit your child’s academic studies in a variety of ways.

2 Speaking 说 – conversing

Learning how to converse in Chinese is important because it is one of the most important languages in the world, particularly in business. Learning their language would be the best way to gain access to a lot of business opportunities. At Han Hua Mandarin Centre, you can now learn proper Mandarin articulations from the best specialist Chinese teachers!

3 Reading 读 – vocabulary development

Vocabulary development is an important skill that should begin at a young age. Vocabulary development is critical for student success throughout their academic years. Children between the ages of three and four are considered to be in their prime language acquisition years. A love of repetition, imitation, and memorization is built into a child’s developmental nature during this time. These are all important characteristics for learning a language, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to start exposing your child to a second language and teaching them to read in that language.

4 Writing 写 – Chinese characters

Without a doubt, writing is an important skill that every child should learn. Despite the fact that the majority of children dislike it. A Chinese character can be broken down into two parts: strokes and components. Strokes are always introduced first in Chinese writing classes. To learn Chinese properly, you must know how to write the characters. It will help students improve their writing speed in Chinese PSLE paper 1 (Composition) and paper 2 (Comprehension).

5 Inquiry 问 – thinking & questioning

Students are challenged to think beyond simply memorizing or remembering information and toward applying knowledge in life, drawing connections between ideas, evaluating or challenging ideas, and creating something entirely new. As a result, this methodology contributes to the reawakening of the student’s natural curiosity. Students’ learning experiences become more relevant to their lives as they become more engaged.

6 Mindmap 创 – creativity

Creativity allows students to be free of their minds and can boost their self-esteem. The most common Composition challenges for primary school students are 1How to start 2Confusion 3Poor vocabulary and 4Weak construction. Mind mapping is a useful technique for taking notes and brainstorming essay topics. A mind map is created by writing down a central theme and brainstorming new and related ideas. As a result, Mind-map can assist your child in organizing his writing process.

7 Presentation 演 – public speaking

If you can speak well in front of an interviewer or lecturer, it can help you get a job or a promotion, or it can help you with your academic grades, such as if you have to give a presentation in class. The more you force yourself to speak in public, the better and more confident you will become. Every lesson at Han Hua Mandarin Centre includes a presentation for each student. We value public speaking skills highly.

Han Hua Mandarin Centre (Toa Payoh) guarantees and commits to offering a high-quality curriculum, teaching methods, and intensive teacher training.

Our Chinese programme is open to all children aged 6 months to 12 years old!

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